Initial consult --- $150.00 for 90 minute session; in my home, via phone, IM, or Skype
Follow-up consults --- billed at $30.00 for each half-hour; in my home, via phone, IM, or Skype


To schedule an appointment, please call my cellphone number at the top right of your screen; depending on the day or time you may need to leave a message and I will return your call ASAP. After we speak, please send an email to  "Rick at evolution 4 life dot com"  since there are some forms and questionnaires I would like you to complete and return before our first meeting. I will also give you payment instructions at that time and if you have any additional paperwork such as blood tests or other labwork, I will ask you to get copies to bring with you. Should you have any questions, we can go over those details via phone or email to make sure you have everything ready for our first talk. You may also find me on Facebook or LinkedIn.